Vogue Drawings
Pastel crayon drawings on Vogue magazine advertising spreads integrate figure and ground with an eye towards complicating traditional nature/culture binaries.




High Glam
Acrylic and pastel on wood panel
Abstract paintings derived from drawings on a Vogue Italia (March 2010) fashion spread titled "High Glam" featuring highly theatrical and stylized piano lessons. The painted portions highlight the text from the original spread that has been painted over.










Film Stills (2008-2010)
Acrylic on paper and acrylic on wood panel

A series of paintings and videos that explore what it means to focus on one moment, one frame of an infinitely longer and more complex film. How does this re-contextualization play with the absence of movement, cinematic history and representation made minimal and graphic? Is it possible for one image to stand in for an entire film?

“Cinema is not the reflection of reality, but the reality of the reflection." 
—Jean-Luc Godard










Figure/Ground (2006-2008)
Acrylic on paper on wood panel

A series of paintings and a video on appropriated fashion magazine advertisement pages. Figures are painted white leaving only landscape and a ghostly silhouette. Emphasis is put on pose and gesture rather than fashion, accessory and expression.










The Kiss (1996)
21-minute single channel video
In a study of the 'romantic' pose, nine print advertisements for perfume are reenacted by a couple with the process of striking the pose being documented on video. Often humorous, each scene asks the participants to collaborate to restage poses that are sometimes awkward, cliché or nearly impossible to mimic. Upon the moment of each 'successful' performance, the original image is seen in superimposition.


Moderately and Melodiously (8:57, single channel loop, or installation version, 3:00 loop) is a short film adaptation of a story by French filmmaker and writer Marguerite Duras. The piece centers on the unfolding drama between a young piano student and her teacher. Exploring the relationship between teaching and learning, the parts that ego and will play and how desire and enthusiasm can be found, the piece can be described as melodramatic.