Love Island, in progress

LoveIsland, is a three-channel installation with video projected onto hanging sculptural ”island” forms, constructing a kinetic space which engages our cultural memory while pointing towards our growing sense of isolation on the one hand, and urgent need for connection on the other. In my treatment of The Love Boat, the main character is the cruise ship itself. Fantasy Island’s opening sequence here implies danger and misguided desires. And my Gilligan’s Island video features the original first season’s black and white depictions of the island, isolated from the madcap antics of the shipwrecked castaways. This brand of sit-com originally carried a mystique to do with the search for love, however, seen today, these shows verge on the grotesque and have a tendency towards misogyny and racism. The three-channel video installation is accompanied by digitally printed fabric wall hangings and a postcard edition.